Black History Month

bhmCelebrating the accomplishments of Blacks throughout history and encouraging success for the future… 


Church History 

Mt. Nebo Baptist Church was established in 1867, built on land owned by a man named Mr. Rickets. Mr. Rickets dedicated that land to only be used for worship. Mt. Nebo was built on the unity of colored people praising God and supporting one another. The first pastor of Mt. Nebo., Reverend P. F. Fitzgerald, was put through school by the church and dedicated his life to preaching the word of God. Under him came the development of a deacons ministry and Sunday school.  20170416_131411Rev. Fitzgerald served for 44 years then passed away staying true to his word that he would preach for Mt. Nebo his whole life. The second pastor of Mt. Nebo Baptist Church was elected, Reverend William Thomas, who served for 7 years. Then came Reverend J. B. Rather who served for 29 years. 


Rev. Rather was followed by Reverend Clarence Jones who served 1 year, Reverend R. R. Wilkinson who served 6 years, and Reverend David E. Gordon who served for 18 years. The current church building was built under Rev. Gordon accommodating the masses that were coming to be a part of Mt. Nebo. Rev. Gordon gave the first sermon in the new building in 1978. Following Rev. Gordon was Reverend Joseph B. Fields, Jr. who served for over 32 years. And currently serving is Pastor Damion T. Batts. The previous building still remains across the street holding all the memories and history in mint condition. It stands a historic monument featured in the Civil Rights in Education Heritage Trail. Just as its start, Mt. Nebo Baptist Church is built on a foundation of God, love, and family.


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